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  • What is TrueUp?
    TrueUp is a platform used to validate skills, benchmark skills, and gamify learning simply by sending a bite-sized, skill-based challenge to professionals and reading their behavior and performance with the data results collected.
  • What can I use TrueUp for?
    The same tool (the TrueUp Challenger) can be used to improve hiring decisions by validating job candidate skills from the results of a skill challenge, personalize training for current employees based on skill gaps identified as a result of a skill challenge, or to consider students beyond their GPA and extracurricular activities. Challenges created by TrueUp team are designed to help companies identify skill gaps within their current teams so you can properly target training, validate job candidate skills so you make better hiring decisions, or recruit students through gamified challenges.
  • Why should I use TrueUp rather than making my own challenges?
    TrueUp is the expert in game design for accounting, finance, and audit professionals. We use specific tools to simulate real-life situations and collect performance data on each challenge beyond your company so that you can have more sophisticated, stronger, and relevant benchmarking when you compare your results with the whole network. In addition, our platform automatically scores and processes challenges so all you have to do is send a challenge link and sit back for insights. The TrueUp platform is a centralized place for you to collect participant responses rather than trying to collect, organize, and analyze results on your own. We can also identify and report cheaters with our user validation process and analyzing behavior through the backend data.
  • Who is the ideal user of the TrueUp Challenger tool?
    The tool is so simple to use that most people can use it without having to need or be an expert. Company HR managers, recruiters, and hiring managers each benefit by using the TrueUp Challenger, whether sending a challenge link to employees, job candidates, or students.
  • If I use TrueUp for recruiting, at what point do I send the candidates a challenge?"
    You can insert a TrueUp challenge at any point in the recruiting process, whether you include a challenge link inside a job posting at the very beginning or decide to send a challenge after you've narrowed your candidate pool. TrueUp is built to process challenge responses in volume so you can share the link with unlimited candidates.
  • What skills do TrueUp challenges assess?
    To ensure quality, TrueUp-made challenges are specifically designed for accounting, finance, audit, and tax professionals. The TrueUp Competency Model is based on several factors, including insights from the AICPA and skills needed to succeed in the future of finance and accounting, our CEO’s decade+ personal experience in the field of audit, consulting, and industry, and skill demands requested from TrueUp customers.
  • Who makes the challenges?
    Each challenge is made by a CPA with a minimum 10 years of experience and qualified by TrueUp. If you are a CPA with 10 or more years experience and interested in being a challenge-maker, contact us to find out more.
  • What makes your challenges different than other assessment platforms?
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  • Can I create my own challenges?
    Yes! For a short time only, each subscription includes TrueUp’s custom challenge creator. Request a demo here.
  • Do you make custom challenges?
    We currently make custom challenges depending on the company and their needs. Contact us to find out if you qualify.
  • Can you make challenges beyond accounting and finance skills?
    Yes! While TrueUp challenges include a mixture of cognitive, behavioral, and other intangible skills in addition to technical aspects, companies are able to use the custom challenge creator to expand their reach beyond accounting and finance skills. For custom challenges, in most cases the company is responsible for rating the challenge whether by accuracy or team voting. While the tool makes it easy for you to send any type of challenge, our team at TrueUp simply focuses on what we know since we're CPAs and have the proper experience to support accounting and finance professionals.
  • What styles of challenges and delivery options do you offer?
    TrueUp focuses on 3 styles of skill challenges and delivery. 1. Form-based challenges - allows for taking profeesionals through a "story-like" experience and encounter different situations, tackle a variety of tasks, 2. Excel-based challenges - allows for all sorts of variety in challenges, whether it's a financial modeling exercise, preparing or reviewing accounting schedules, tax-related challenges, etc. 3. Writing challenges - allows for assessing the style of a professional's writing in terms of tone. Send a writing challenge, such as "you need to email a non-responsive client in order to meet your deadline" and find out the sentiment of the professional's response by the words they use and sentences they write.
  • What do results look like? What do I receive?
    Participants in a challenge are clocked and rated for accuracy. A participant’s total time is based on the moment they click the “Start” button in the challenge page to once they submit the final answer or upload the file. Accuracy ratings are based on a pre-defined rubric associated with each challenge.
  • Who gets to see the results of a challenge?
    If it’s a custom challenge created by or for your company then results are only shared with the company administrator and the option to share individual results with participants is at your discretion If it is a TrueUp-made challenge then participants will be able to see their personal results compared to the TrueUp Network averages. They will not get to see their personal results compared to your company-specific averages unless you decide to share those averages.
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