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Trouble at Tindy
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Firm Fantasy
Future of Accounting
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New Kid on the Block
Trouble at Tindy

Trouble at Tindy: A Fraud Investigation

Can you find fraud happening at Tindy Fashions? Inquire to employees, search for and collect files, perform financial analysis tasks,  and report your findings to Daly Tindy, the company's Founder.

TindyLogo cover.png

Trouble at Tindy was developed in partnership with

Accounting Professors Tina Carpenter and Cindy Durtschi

Player Objectives

  • Navigate scenes and make intelligent inquiries to Tindy Fashion employees uncover information that supports your final report  

  • Search for and collect real files (.xls, .pdf, .doc) used to perform financial analysis tasks that lead you toward solving the case

  • Report your findings to the company's founder and tell her who did it, how they did it, why they did it, and what evidence you have to prove it 


  • Extract a confession in the final scene by applying effective interrogation techniques and bring Tindy Fashions back to health!

Lean Audit

The Lean Audit Series

This series of games give you or your learners project management essentials as an in-charge throughout the audit engagement process. Learn and practice Lean Six Sigma principles specific to audit engagements and practice the 4 levels of project management.

Lean Audit - Banner.png

Lean Audit games developed in partnership with Transformity Solutions LLC

Transformity Logo.jpg

Player Objectives

  • Understand all phases of an audit and the different project management milestones reached during each phase

  • Identify key concepts and techniques of interpersonal behavior and communication

  • Recall key skills related to engagement management and supervision

  • Understand the benefits of a detailed audit game plan to establish accountabilities for the duration of the audit engagement

  • Recall the benefits to including the client in the audit engagement plan

  • Understand the role of the In-Charge and their responsibility for the 4 levels of project management

Emerging Tech

Emerging Technologies in Accounting

Get hands on and learn new technologies transforming the accounting and audit profession with games teaching robotics process automation (RPA), articificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, data analytics and visualization, cybersecurity and more

Future of Accounting.PNG

Technology games developed in partnership with the Center for Accounting Transformation


Player Objectives

  • Identify technologies that can be used to automate or augment audit services, including when they are (and are not) appropriate to use

  • Identify potential uses of data analytics and visualization techniques to enhance audits

  • Describe elements of blockchain technology, benefits of using blockchain, and applicable use cases

  • Identify the shift in skills that auditors need to make to be ready for the future of audit

Firm Fantasy

TrueUp's Firm Fantasy

Practice your skills in the safest place: a virtual firm created by TrueUp that includes bite-sized games and tasks for you to develop and advance your professional skills as you interact with team members, keep the client happy, and run an efficient engagement

trueup firm fantasy thumbnail.PNG

Player Objectives

  • Build trust with your team through interactions that involve running status meetings, coaching calls and feedback, and engagement management

  • Keep the client happy ​by demonstrating your technical abilities, asking smart questions, and following up when the time is right

  • Run the engagement as efficiently as you can based on the decisions you make while managing the team, client's expectations, and adapting to changes in scope

Blockchain Games

Blockchain Games and Sims

Blockchain is revolutionizing the ledger system by changing the way we track movement of assets, exchanges in value, and records of ownership. Get hands on by playing blockchain games and completing simulations that demonstrate how the technology works.

blockchain background_purple.png

Player Objectives (for different games)

  • Prevent the zombie apocalypse by using blockchain to trace the bad meat that caused the virus outbreak

  • Track grapes from seed-to-store by using traditional ledger systems and then using blockchain instead

  • Tokenize the sale of a house of gold by using blockchain as a way to track security sales, compliance, and ownership

  • Qualify the use case for blockchain by asking relevant questions to your client about their inventory process

New Kid on the Block

New Kid on the Block

Ready for your first day at a new firm? You're about to meet your new team for the first time, including a new hire, associate, manager, and Partner. Your goal is to earn their trust based on how you respond to their questions and how much you pay attention to learn their skills, experience, and interests.

New Kid 1.PNG

Player Objectives

  • Collect knowledge about your new team members by asking questions related to their skills, experience, and interests

  • Take questions from your new team members and choose the best response based on TrueUp’s 8 Traits of Trust to gain trust points

  • Meet with the Partner and share what you learned about your new team members

  • Earn as many trust points as you can by following TrueUp's 8 Traits of Trust found as a reference tool right inside the game

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