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Trouble at Tindy: A Fraud Investigation

Can you find fraud happening at Tindy Fashions? Inquire to employees, search for and collect files, perform financial analysis tasks,  and report your findings to Daly Tindy, the company's Founder.

Trouble at Tindy was developed in partnership with

Accounting Professors Tina Carpenter and Cindy Durtschi

Player Objectives

  • Navigate scenes and make intelligent inquiries to Tindy Fashion employees uncover information that supports your final report  

  • Search for and collect real files (.xls, .pdf, .doc) used to perform financial analysis tasks that lead you toward solving the case

  • Report your findings to the company's founder and tell her who did it, how they did it, why they did it, and what evidence you have to prove it 


  • Extract a confession in the final scene by applying effective interrogation techniques and bring Tindy Fashions back to health!

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