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Bring Learning to Life.

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Instantly engage your learners by adding ready-made, immersive educational games and simulations to your curriculum and training programs.

Happy Learners Play.

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  • 67% of students found gamified learning more motivating and engaging than traditional courses (Intuition, 2019)

  • 60% increased engagement of employees as a results of gamification training features (eLearning Learning, EHSToday)




  • 100% of TrueUp games and simulations are hands-on, scenario-based experiences

  • TrueUp Innovation Challenges include technology partners that provide students and professionals real access to new technologies with TrueUp-guided learning




  • Students who were educated with challenge-based gamification raised their performance by up to 89% compared to those who only received lectures (ScienceDirect, 2020)

  • 83% of employees who undergo gamified training are more motivated at work (TalentLMS)

Who does TrueUp support?

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Universities and Academic Professors

Professors engage their students by adding ready-made TrueUp games and simulations to their curriculum that are available instantly online anywhere

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Training Platforms and Instructors

Organizations and independent instructors use TrueUp games and simulations to increase learner engagement or build custom games with us

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